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Animal Tissue Homework Help

Tissue is made up of group of cells to carry out specific function in the body. Tissue is a intermediate level between cell and organ in cellular organization levels.

Animal tissues can be divided into four basic types:

  1. EPITHELIAL TISSUE– Epithelial tissue covers the body surface, lines hollow organs, cavities in body, ducts and it also form glands. It is consist of continuous sheet of single of multiple layers of cells. Cells are held together by tight junctions leaving little intercellular space. Depending upon the arrangement and shapes of cells, epithelium tissue into layers it can be divide into:
    1. SIMPLE EPITHELIUM- Layer of cells that functions in diffusion, osmosis, filtration, secretion, absorption. It is further divided into Simple squamous epithelium, Simple cuboidal epithelium, Simple columnar epithelium, Ciliated columnar epithelium.
    2. STRIATED EPITHELIUM- It is made up of more than one layer of cells. It is further divided into: Striated squamous epithelium, striated columnar epithelium, and striated cuboidal epithelium.
  2. MUSCLE TISSUE– Muscle tissue is specialized to carry out movement in the body. It has special ability of contraction and relaxation. It is also called as contractile tissue. There are three types of muscles:
    1. SMOOTH MUSCLES- These are non striated involuntary muscles found in walls of blood vessels, uterus, stomach, bladder etc.
    2. SKELETAL MUSCLES- These are striated voluntary muscles attached to the bones by tendons. It controls the posture and locomotion.
    3. CARDIAC MUSCLE – These are involuntary muscles found in heart.
  3. CONNECTIVE TISSUE- It is a most abundant tissue in body .It helps in support and anchoring. Types of connective tissue:
    1. CONNECTIVE TISSUE PROPER– It is present in all body cavities includes areolar tissue, Adipose tissue, and dense regular tissue.
    2. SPECIALIZED CONNECTIVE TISSUE- It includes blood, bone and cartilage.
  4. NERVOUS TISSUE- Nervous tissue is made up of neurons and neuroglia cells. It is specialized to react to stimuli and carrying messages to different parts of body. Animal tissue further includes: Histology, Anatomy of tissues, Embryology of tissue, Diagram of tissue, Plant tissue.

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