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Balance Sheet Homework Help

Get experts for Balance Sheet Homework Help 24/7 at Assignment Hut. One of the important statements of Financial Statements is the Balance Sheet. Balance sheet states the assets and liabilities of an organization as on a date. Some of the ingredients of the balance sheet are:


  1. Fixed Asset
  2. Investment
  3. Current Assets
  4. Non current assets
  5. Intangible Assets


  1. Share capital
  2. Loans
  3. Currents liabilities
  4. Provisions

It is one of the most commonly statement used to analysis the financial position of the company. Balance sheet is also known as statement of financial position.

Balance sheet can be used to make analysis with the help of ratios. The important ratios associated with the balance sheet are: working capital ratio, debt equity ratio, etc. Other ratios can also be calculated but some inputs are required from other financial statements also like the Income and expenditure Statement.

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