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Bio-Energy Homework Help

Bioenergy = Renewable energy from biological material.

Bio-energy is the renewable source of energy which can be obtained from biological material. Biomass is a material which is organic in nature and contains chemical energy derived from sunlight and it can be used to produce renewable bioenergy. Things like plants, grass, wood, waste, etc are some of the examples of Biomass. Biomass can be used to generate electricity or produce heat. Biomass acts as a source of energy which can be used directly or converted into other products like Biofuel. Biofuel is a fuel whose energy is obtained from biological sources. There are different types of Biofuel: - Biofuel in liquid form – Biologically ethanol is made by fermentation of sugar. It is the most common biofuel used these days to produce bioenergy. Biobutanol is another liquid source of bio- energy that can be used in place of gasoline. Biodiesel is also used as bioenergy- source. Biofuel in gaseous form –Biogas is made by anaerobic fermentation of organic material. Biogas produced by this process is a methane gas. It can be used for transportation, producing electricity. It can also contribute to greenhouse gas of the atmosphere. Biofuel in Solid form – Solid biofuels are paper, wood, charcoal, agricultural waste. By- product of solid biofuel combustion can be used in agriculture fields. But it has disadvantage of contributing to pollution and global warming. They are used for heating purposes.

Bioenergy further includes –

  1. Advantages of bio- energy/ biofuels
  2. Biodiesel
  3. Solar energy
  4. Wind energy
  5. Hydro- energy
  6. Global warming

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