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Overview on Biology

The word biology means “life study”. Biology is a science of nature which involves study of living organisms. Studies of living organisms include their structure, function, growth, regulation, nutrition, metabolism, reproduction, respiration evolution, origin, etc. Broadly biology is divided into Botany: Study of plants and Zoology: Study of animals. Biology is a vast study which has many subdivisions in it like Cell biology, Genetics, Anatomy, Physiology, Microbiology, Evolution, Biotechnology and more.

There are some universal principles of modern biology:

  1. All living beings have one basic unit of life called as Cell.
  2. Hereditary unit of life is known as Gene.
  3. Homeostasis regulates the internal environment of living beings.
  4. By the process of evolution, new species and traits are formed.
  5. Organisms can consume energy and can transform to different forms.

Biology further includes:

  1. Molecular biology
  2. Biochemistry
  3. Toxicology
  4. Biophysics
  5. Stratigraphy
  6. Astrobiology

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