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Body-Organization Homework Help

The structural and functional unit of all organisms is Cell. Organization of body in animals is based on their cells, tissue, coelom, germinal layers, notochord and vertebral column. Representative of animals are vertebrates which share same body plan and functional processes. The bodies of vertebrates have functional system like digestive tube in internal cavity of body, muscular diaphragm that divides coelom, internal skeleton of bones and cartilage and four levels of organization- Atomcell-tissue--organ-organ systemsOrganism.

  1. Atom- Smallest unit of matter which makes structural and functional unit of life.
  2. Cell – It is the smallest unit in all living beings which is structural and functional. Animal cell is eukaryotic in nature which has nucleus and all cell organelles. It is a first level of body organization.
  3. Tissue- Group of cells together comprises tissue for performing specific function in the body. It is a second level of body organizations. Animal tissues are epithelial tissue, Connective tissue, Muscle tissue Nervous tissue.
  4. Organ – Group of tissues together to perform specific function in the body comprises third level of body organization. Organs are like liver, heart, Skin (largest organ) etc.
  5. Organ system- Group of organs work together to comprise fourth level of organization. Examples- Circulatory system, Nervous system etc.
  6. Organism- It is the highest level of structural and functional unit of body organization.

Body organization further includes:

  1. Kingdom classification
  2. Body plan
  3. Vertebrates
  4. Invertebrates
  5. Eukaryotic cells
  6. Prokaryotic cells
  7. Anatomy
  8. Physiology

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