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Cancer Homework Help

Cancer develops by uncontrolled growth of cells which are building blocks of living beings. Cancer can also occur if cells do not die after their normal lifespan. Cancer cells are malignant in nature which have tendency to invade nearby parts or to spread in the body. There are different kinds of cancers. Cancer can occur in any organ or tissue, such as skin, lung, colon, stomach, breast etc. Benzene, consuming excessive alcohol, environmental toxins or pollutants, excessive sunlight exposure, genetic problems or mutations, obesity, viruses, radiation etc. can cause cancer. Symptoms of cancer depend on their location in the body like lung cancer can cause shortness of breath, chest pain, and cough along with other general symptoms of cancer. General symptoms of all cancers are: High fever, Low energy, Chills, Fatigue in body, Loss of appetite, Sweating at night, Malaise, loss of weight. There are many cancer tests available these days like Biopsy test, Blood tests of different types, MRI scans, CBC count, CT scans etc. To treat cancer radiations and chemotherapy sessions are given. Cancer can be prevented by adopting healthy life style, regular exercise, maintaining optimum weight, reduced alcohol consumption, Reduce sunlight exposure. Vaccination for some cancers is now available for example cervical cancer can be prevented by getting its vaccination.

Cancer further includes:

  1. Autoimmune diseases
  2. Immune system
  3. Mutations
  4. Malignancy
  5. Tumour
  6. Neoplasm
  7. Benign tumour
  8. Breast cancer
  9. Vaccination

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