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Capital Budgeting Homework Help

Capital budgeting is the process to determine whether the long term investments of any firm or organization that they are using are worth having it or not. When firm decides to invest its current funds in the long term assets hoping flow of benefits over series of years, it is called as Capital Budgeting.

Following are some of the features of Capital Budgeting/Investment decision:

  1. Exchange of Current funds for future benefits
  2. Funds invested in long term assets
  3. Benefits to firm in the coming series of years.

Techniques used for Capital budgeting:

Capital budgeting techniques can be divided into 2 categories:

  1. Discounted Cash Flow:
    1. NPV (Net present Value)
    2. IRR ( Internal Rate of Return)
    3. PI (Profitability Index).
  2. Non-discounted Cash Flow:
    1. PB( Payback Period)
    2. DPP( Discounted Payback Period)
    3. ARR( Accounting Rate of Return).

Capital Budgeting and its importance:

  1. Capital Budgeting influence the growth of firm in the long run
  2. Capital Budgeting also affects firm’s risk
  3. It’s a commitment to large amount of funds
  4. Substantial Expenditure.

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