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Capital Market Instruments:

In layman’s language, Capital market is a market where people borrow or lend money. Here people could be an individual, corporations or government. In this kind of market, money is issued for a long time of period commonly for more than one year.

Following are some of the instruments included in the Capital Market:

  1. Equity and Preference Shares
  2. (FCDs) Fully Convertible debentures
  3. (NCDs) Non Convertible debentures
  4. (PCDs) Partly Convertible debentures
  5. Participating Preference Shares
  6. Debentures Bundled With Warrants
  7. Zero Coupon Bonds
  8. Secured Premium Notes etc.

Some of the important topics covered in Capital Market Instruments:

  1. Return
  2. Return on Risk Securities
  3. Risk Securities
  4. Portfolio Risk
  5. Diversification
  6. Capital Asset Pricing Model
  7. Risk and Return In Portfolio Context
  8. CAPM Vs Market Model
  9. Assumption of CAPM
  10. Market Value
  11. Market Model
  12. Book Value Liquidating Value

Above are some of the topics under Capital Market Instruments. However; there are many more topics covered under Capital Market Instruments.

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