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Capital Structure, Valuation and Cost of Capital

Capital Structure means percentage of capital at work in any business. There are two types of capital:

  1. Equity Capital
  2. Debt Capital

Both of the capital either Equity or Debt has its own benefits and drawbacks.

  1. Equity Capital: Equity capital is money put and owned by the Shareholders of any firm. Equity Capital is divided into two parts :
    1. Contributed Capital
    2. Retained earnings
    Equity Capital is considered to be the most expensive type of Capital a company can utilize.
  2. Debt Capital: Money that is borrowed at work in any business is referred to as Debt Capital. That means capital that has been taken as a loan for any business is called as Debt Capital. This loan taken by business is repaid in future date. Cost of capital: refers to the cost of the funds of the company. Funds include equity and debt. Cost of Capital is used to determine new projects of a company. It is the minimum return that every investor in the company looks for by providing capital to them.

Some of the topics Covered in the Capital Structure Valuation and Cost of Capital:

  1. Arbitrage Process
  2. Modigliani-Miller Approach (MM Approach)
  3. Capital Structure Theories
  4. Cost
  5. Cost of Debt
  6. Decrease in Value
  7. Double leverage
  8. Net Operating Income (NOI) Approach and it’s Effect
  9. Increased Valuation/Decreased Cost of capital
  10. Market Price and it’s Graph
  11. Net Income Approach
  12. Risk Perception
  13. Value of the Firm

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