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Chromosomal Genetic Disorder Homework Help

Chromosome genetic disorders occur due to abnormal structure of chromosome or abnormal number of chromosomes. Based on this it can be divided into:

  1. Numerical chromosomal abnormalities- In this number of chromosomes present in cell can be or less than the normal cell. This is called Aneuploidy. It can originate at mitosis or meiosis. Sometimes non-disjunction of homologous chromosomes in meiosis and failure of centromere division in mitosis lead to abnormal number of chromosomal distribution in daughter cells. For example: - Down’s syndrome, Turners syndrome etc.
  2. Structural chromosomal abnormalities can occur during crossing over during meiosis. When chromosomal structure changes it can happen due to:
    1. Deletion- In this a part of chromosome is missing. Example – Jacobson syndrome.
    2. Duplication- Apart of chromosome is duplicated. Example- Charcot Marie tooth disease.
    3. Translocation- It occurs when portion of chromosomes is transferred to other or exchange of portions between two chromosomes. Example- Burkitt’s lymphoma
    4. Inversions- It happens when part of chromosome turns upside down.
    5. Insertion- Part is added to the chromosome.

This topic further includes:

  1. Robertsonian translocation
  2. Point mutations
  3. Isochromosome
  4. Mutations
  5. Rings

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