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Help on Classification of Animals

Animals are broadly divided into two groups: - Vertebrates and Invertebrates

  1. Invertebrates- These are the multicellular animals with no backbone. Invertebrates are heterotrophs in nature. Examples are Porifera – Sponges, Cnidaria - Jellyfish, hydras, Ctenophora - Comb jellies, Mollusca – Molluscs, Platyhelminthes – Flatworms, Arthropoda – Arthropods, Echinodermata – Echinoderms, Annelida – earthworm.
  2. Vertebrates- These are the multicelluar animals having backbone. These are advanced organisms with nervous system, bilateral symmetry, segmented body, complete digestive system and ventral heart. These animals come under subphylum Vertebrata and phylum Chordata.

: Classification of Animals

This topic further includes:

  • Five kingdom classification
  • Taxonomy
  • Phylum
  • Subphylum
  • Class
  • Order
  • Plant kingdom
  • Fungi
  • Protista
  • Monera

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