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Concepts and Conventions Assignment Help

Conventions are accounting principles which appear from accounting practices which are used by different organizations for years. It is a resultant of custom and practice. Some of the conditions which the accounting principles should satisfy are it should be easy to understand and simple, consistent and should be able to provide useful information to users.

Accounting concepts that are widely followed globally are

  1. Entity concept
  2. Money measurement concept
  3. Periodicity concept
  4. Accrual concept
  5. Matching concept
  6. Going concern concept
  7. Cost concept
  8. Realisation concept
  9. Dual aspect concept
  10. Conservatism concept
  11. Consistency concept
  12. Materiality concept

Accounting and Homework help for Concepts and Conventions and Assignment Hut

Above discussed is just a gist of the topics covered under the subject in concern. Assignment Hut provides clear and simple formats to understand and learn each concepts of accountancy. It provides step to step solution to accountancy problems that makes it quite easy for the students to understand the various concepts on which it is based. Students can come to us with any kind of accounting help or support which they require. We are always eagerly waiting to help support and spread the knowledge.