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Help on Dividend and Valuation

Dividends are payments given by corporation to its shareholders. These payments are the profits of the corporation that are paid or divided among the shareholders. When any corporation earns profit it can either be reinvested in the same business or it will be distributed to the shareholders of the corporation. Profit that is reinvested in the business is called as retained earning. Most of the corporations retain a portion of their earnings and distribute the rest among the shareholders.

Dividends are paid in the form of Cash, store credits and shares in the company.

Valuation: Valuation means estimation. Estimating that’s worth usually Assets and liabilities. So valuation is done on Assets and Liabilities of the organization. Assets include: Stocks, Patents and Trademarks etc. While Liabilities include: bonds issued by company.

Need of Valuation: Valuation is done due to some of the following reasons:

  1. Investment Analysis
  2. Capital budgeting
  3. Financial Reporting
  4. Litigation
  5. Merger and Acquisition etc.

Some of the topics covered under Dividends and Valuation:

  1. Dividend Decision
  2. Dividend Capitalization Model
  3. Floatation Cost
  4. A Critique of Modigliani and Millar Approach
  5. Gordon’s Model
  6. Walter’s Model
  7. Market Imperfection
  8. Relevance of Dividends
  9. Sensitivity Analysis
  10. Transaction and inconvenience Cost

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