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Evidences of Evolution Help

  1. The fossil records have provided big evidence for evolution. It was found that species changed over time. Change of the species is studied with living organisms present today also.
  2. Homologous structures- Structures that are structurally similar but have different functions. Example – Forelimbs of humans, bats, penguins.
    1. Analogous structures- When different structures in different groups of organisms may undergo modifications to serve similar functions. For example Wings of bats, birds, and insects.
    2. Vestigial organs- Structure that are the parts in the ancestral species but of no use in present organisms. For example- Tailbone in humans, Pelvic bone and limb bone in animals.
    3. Similarity in the Biochemistry of vastly different organisms. All have same compound as genetic material, protein cytochrome c requires in aerobic respiration by all living beings, certain blood proteins are universal in living beings.
    4. Embryological – Study claims that embryos of related animals are quite similar to each other

Evidences of evolution

This topic further includes:

  • Darwin’s evidences
  • Common ancestry
  • Common descendent
  • Human evolution
  • Macroevolution
  • Microevolution

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