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Excretory System Homework Help

This is the process of removing waste material out of the body. It involves Kidney, Lungs, Skin and Liver.

  1. Lungs-Carbon dioxide is a carried by the blood to the lungs which is a catabolic waste product produced by oxidation of food in the body. Carbon dioxide is released to the environment by the process of expiration.
  2. Skin- The skin has pores and ducts through which waste products in the form of sweat. Water, Urea, uric acid, sodium chloride, creatinine, potassium chloride, and volatile fatty acids are present in the sweat.
  3. Liver- Bile pigments which are biliverdin and bilirubin are produced from the break down of haemoglobin in the liver from the worn out red blood cells. These are excreted with the bile to the duodenum and get removed with the faeces. Liver excretes cholesterol, various steroid hormones inactive, alcohol, nicotine and other drugs. It is responsible for converting ammonia to urea by combining it with carbon dioxide.
  4. Kidney- It is the main excretory organ which removes nitrogenous waste in the form of urine.

Excretory System

This topic further includes:

  • Excretory products
  • Osmoregulation
  • Structure and function of kidney
  • Details of excretion
  • Gaseous waste

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