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Financial Statement Analysis Homework Help

Our experts at Assignment Hut, provide Financial Statement Analysis Help, guidance and support to students for all topics of this subjects while integrating their experience and knowlodge to benefit students. Let’s understand in brief what does Analysis of Financial Statement means.

Analysis of Financial Statement means to study information in such a way to have a full finding of the financial position of the firm.

This process requires the re-grouping, comparing and measuring the worth of financial and operating data. This helps in comparing the data in relation to two times period and / or between two companies.

The analysis of Financial Statement comprises study of trends and projections, to ascertain whether the financial position of the company is satisfactory or not.

Analytical methods are used to study the financial statements items and changes that took place in these items. Analytical methods help to understand the financial statements easily. Analytical methods and devices used in analysis financial statements are as under:

  1. Comparative Statements: These are financial statements that contain information with respect to two or more periods of time for comparison.
  2. Common Size Statements: Common Sized financial Statements in which the figures are expressed in percentage form.
  3. Trend Ratios: Trend ratios can be defined as index numbers of the movements of the various financial statements for a number of periods.
  4. Ratio Analysis: Ratios Analysis helps to understand the financial position and trend of any business. It also helps in future projections.
  5. Cash Flow Statements: Cash flow statement contains cash receipts and cash payments categorized into operating, investing and financing activities of a given period.

Various types of financial analysis are there depending on the requirement of the organization. This is just a brief idea and knowledge about the financial statement analysis. To get full and thorough knowledge, get in touch with our experts who will make you understand all the topics in very simple and easy way that you will never forget!

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