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Immunity Homework Help

Immunity means sufficient biological defenses to avoid infection and invasion of foreign particles in the body. Inn

Types of Immunity

  1. Innate Immunity – It is a nonspecific immunity system that provides resistance to foreign particles to enter the body by physical, chemical barriers and by cellular approach. This type of immunity is present from the birth. Physical barriers are provided by Skin, epithelial linings. Chemicals like cytokines, antimicrobial substances give defence to the body. Phagocytes are the cells that can engulf foreign particles to avoid infection.
  2. Adaptive Immunity – This immunity is of two types:
    • Natural Adaptive Immunity – This immunity occurs when infective agents comes in contact to cause disease. It can be passive when antibodies are provided by maternal host and can be active when antigen for infection enters and itself induce the production of antibodies in the body.
    • Artificial Adaptive Immunity – This type of immunity occurs when deliberately infective agent is given to the body. It happens in Vaccination. It can be passive when antibodies are provided from outside source and can be active when antigen itself induces the production of antibodies for immunization in the body.

This topic further includes:

  • Antigens
  • Antibodies
  • Lymphocytes
  • Humoral Immunity
  • Cell mediated Immunity
  • Memory cells

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