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International Economics Assignment Help

International economics teaches the study of trade or transactions done between two or more countries. That means when two or more countries join hands and does any transaction then it is called as International economic activity. There has been a great increase in the international economic activities in just a small time frame. The reason behind the tremendous increase in the International transactions being done is “Globalization”. Due to globalization there are more and more countries engaging themselves into doing international trade. Therefore, now the importance for this subject has increased very much. It has now become so important to understand this subject due to great increase in the International economic activities. If we study this subject, we will get to know how some of the countries have grown so much just because of more and more international trade.

Study of International economics includes topics like:

  1. Balance of Payments
  2. Alternative Theories of Trades
  3. Normative Theories of Trades
  4. Economic Growth And International Trade
  5. Crises And Response
  6. Exchange Rates
  7. International Capital
  8. Globalization and WTO
  9. International Monetary System
  10. Theories of Trades
  11. Polices of International Trades
  12. International Crises
  13. International Monetary Funds

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