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Finance Leverages Homework Help

In Finance, leverage is a term used for multiplying gains and losses. That means leverages can be borrowing money, buying fixed assets and using derivatives. These leverages are used to increase the potential return of an investment.

Formula for Degree of Financial leverage can be shown as:

    (%Change in EPS)
DFL = ---------------------------------
    (%Change inEBIT)

Here EPS= Earning per share and EBIT = Expenses before interest and taxes.

There are three types of leverages that are being implied in financial analysis:

  1. Operating leverages.
  2. Combined leverages.
  3. Financial leverages.

Some of the important topics that are covered under leverages:

  1. Types of leverages
  2. Operating leverages
  3. Combined leverages
  4. Financial leverages
  5. Flow terms
  6. EBIT-EPS analysis
  7. Indifferent points
  8. Income Statements

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