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Living Organism and Environment Homework Help

The system in which all biotic living organisms and their abiotic nonliving environment interactions take place is called as ecosystem.

Ecosystem processes:

  1. Primary production – This is the process to make organic material by using inorganic material and radiant energy. This is called as photosynthesis. Photosynthesis makes organic food to support life on earth.
  2. Energy flow – Plants which are primary producers of food can be eaten by animals to get food and energy. These animals then can be eaten by carnivores .In this way energy flow from primary –secondary and tertiary levels.
  3. Decomposition- The organic material present in dead matter is used by decomposers. This releases nutrients to the environment that can be again used.
  4. Nutrition cycle- Ecosystem exchanges nutrients with the environment to maintain

Ecosystem Process, Living Organism

This topic further includes:

  • Biome
  • Adaptations
  • Habitat
  • Niche
  • Food chain

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