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Managerial Economics Assignment Help

Managerial economics teaches the economic concepts and principals that must be applied in business activities or practices to help manage the business. Therefore, we can say that Managerial economics is more of learning economics to manage the business through economics concepts. Managerial Economics is very important as it is required at all levels of management such as planning, organizing, staffing, directing and controlling. According to McNair and Meriam, “Managerial Economics consists of the use of economic modes of thought to analyze business solution.” In simple language we can say that Managerial economics works as a bridge between Economics and Business Management.

Topics that are covered in Managerial economics are:

  1. Cost of Production and the organization of firm
  2. Demand and Supply
  3. Elasticity of Demand
  4. Fundamentals of Managerial Economics
  5. Game Theory and Pricing Strategy
  6. Market Structure: Pricing and output decision
  7. The Economics of information

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