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Plant Tissue Homework Help

A tissue is a group of cells that carry out specific function. A mature vascular plant contains several types of differentiated cells which are grouped together in tissues to carry put specific function

Plant Tissue

  1. Meristematic tissue – These tissues are made up of cells that have ability to divide to form new cells. Present at tips of stem and roots.
  2. Parenchyma - These are made up of large cells with having central vacuoles and plastids. Potato cells are parenchyma cells.
  3. Sclerenchyma- These are the thick wall cells found in stem and leaf vein to give mechanical support.
  4. Collenchyma –Walls of the cells are thick at the corners, provide strength to petiole of the leaf.
  5. Xylem – This is transportation tissue for transporting water and dissolved minerals.
  6. Phloem – It has sieve tubes and companion cells to transport sugar and amino acids.
    Plant Tissue2

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