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Reproductive System Homework Help

The reproductive system is also called as genital system. It is a system having different organs which work together for reproduction.

The male reproductive system consists:

  1. Testes – They are two oval organs with scrotum. Each has Leydig cells to produce testosterone and seminiferous tubules to produce spermatozoa.
  2. Epididymis- It is a tubule tightly coiled to release the sperm to vas deference.
  3. Vas deference- Tubules having arteries and veins around it, carries sperm to the pelvic cavity.
  4. Seminal vesicle – These are two pouches for secretion of semen.
  5. Urethra- Hollow tube that comes out through glans penis and shaft.

Male Reproductive System

Female reproductive system includes: fallopian tube, ovum, ovary, uterus, cervix and vagina. Uterus is a hollow organ in which after fertilization foetus develop. Vagina makes external entry to the uterus. Ovaries contain ova Fallopian tubes are the way by which ova travels from ovaries to uterus.

Female Reproductive System

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