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Statement of Financial Concepts

Financial concepts form the basis for all kinds of investing and other finance related decisions in an organization. It lays down the foundation to understand the behavior of financial environment around us. It is very much required to have a conceptual clarity at the very foundation so that at a later difficult stage the difficult theories can easily be understood.

Finance is a vast subject and difficult to understand, but at Assignment Hut we strive to provide knowledge in an understandable pattern which not only makes the subject interesting but also helps the students learn with ease.

Some of the financial concepts we would support you with are:

  1. Risk and return- It is a study about reducing risk and increasing returns.
  2. Diversification- Reduction of risk can be achieved by distributing the risk.
  3. Asset allocation-Classification of assets to reduce risk
  4. Optimal portfolio- Maximizing returns at a given risk factor.
  5. Capital asset pricing model- Helps in ascertaining prices of risky securities.

This is just an insight of what all we have in our store for you. There are other subjects too that shall be covered along with this subject in order to make your concepts clear.

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