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Taxation Homework Help

Tax is a financial charge that is imposed by the government of any country on any product, commodity, income or activity. Government imposes two types of taxes namely Direct Taxes and Indirect Taxes.

Where tax is charged on income or wealth it is termed as Direct tax. In case of Direct tax the impact and incidence of taxes is on the same person. In other words, Direct Tax is one where burden of tax is directly on the payer. Direct Taxes are Income Tax, Corporate Dividend Tax, Fringe Benefit Tax and Wealth Tax

When tax is levied on goods and services it is termed as Indirect tax. In case of indirect tax the impact and incidence of tax is on different persons. The person who is paying the tax will pass on the incidence of tax to another person. Indirect Taxes are Excise duty, Custom duty, Service Tax, Sales Tax and Value Added Tax Laws.

We help the students in all the matters with regard to taxation to complete their assignment or homework or task in the taxation, some of which are as follows:

  1. Residential Status of the person based on which tax is charged.
  2. Income tax treatment with relation to Individual, HUF, Firms, Association of Persons, Co-operative Societies and Non-Residents.
  3. The tax implications, rates of tax and other issues relating to the above.
  4. Filing of return under Income Tax Act, Types of assessment and other issues relating to assessment and re-assessment of the income.
  5. TDS matters and advance Tax matters
  6. All matters relating to assessment, return, payments and refund under the Wealth Tax Act.
  7. Levy, collection and payment of Service Tax and relevant CENVAT Credit Rules 2004
  8. Standard Practices followed with regard to VAT Scheme or GST Scheme in different countries and block of countries.

We provide complete and comprehensive solution to the students on Direct and Indirect taxes in accordance with the Acts, Rules and Notifications of the Government bodies.

Taxation Homework Help and Assignment Help at Assignment Hut

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