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Uses of Statistics Homework Help

Statistic techniques are widely used in researches, for example on scientific researches, and social researches etc. It is the basic tool in business and manufacturing processes. It is used to measure variability, control processes, data summarizing, and decision – making. All the above mentioned processes are driven by statistics only and we can say that statistics is the only reliable tool in this area. Not only this, there are many other uses of statistics also. These uses are as follows:
a) Statistics is helpful in better understanding and description of the problem.
b) With the help of statistics we are able to plan effectively and efficiently.
c) It is useful in collection of appropriate and right kind of data and in right quantity.
d) It helps in better presentation of data. For example in tabular form, diagrammatical form, and graphical form, etc.
e) It gives a clear and better understanding of facts and data.
f) It is useful in making quality inferences, which are reliable.
There are not only uses but misuses of the statistics. Misuse of statistics can be either inadvertent or it can be intentional. The presenter of data find ways to interpret only a part of data which is favorable to the reader and presents it to the user.

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